Licensing Committee, and some new Policies

The Licensing Committee of Rochford Council met a couple of weeks ago to discuss new Licensing and Gambling Policies, these had to be reviewed as they had become out of date with changes in legislation and the Agenda and Draft Policies can be seen here. The meeting discussed the new draft Licensing Policy first and I raised the … Continue reading Licensing Committee, and some new Policies


Rayleigh Chamber of Trade meeting

The Rayleigh Chamber of Trade meets tomorrow night (Monday) at Marco's Bar in Eastwood Road, Rayleigh.  The Rayleigh Chamber of Trade covers the Rayleigh, Hullbridge and Rawreth areas. Local business's, whether members or not, can attend but membership costs only £40 per year and can be paid as two £20 instalments   Membership gives a page on … Continue reading Rayleigh Chamber of Trade meeting

Uncontested Elections on 3rd May

The District Council has published the list of those elections where candidates have been elected uncontested, in other words there were fewer candidates than council places available. This year all the uncontested elections were for Town or Parish seats in Rayleigh, Hockley and Hullbridge.  The full list can be seen here. In Hullbridge this means that there is one vacancy still, … Continue reading Uncontested Elections on 3rd May

Rochford District Council Elections 3rd May

Rochford Council has published the candidates that have been nominated for the Elections being held on 3rd May.  For Hullbridge, where the Green Party are defending Diane Hoy's seat taken in a by-election in June last year the candidates are Diane Hoy - Green Party Mark Hale - Conservative Debbie Townsley - Labour Party This … Continue reading Rochford District Council Elections 3rd May