Here we go again – Rochford Launches Local Plan Consultation on potentialy 7,500 houses

Friday (the 17th November) was the start of the Districts second Local Plan , when the Planning Policy Sub-Committee agreed to send the Issues & Options Document, with accompanying papers, to Extraordinary Council on to 28th November for Approval to go out to Consultation. This plan looks to build around 7,500 (figure calculated by Cllr John … Continue reading Here we go again – Rochford Launches Local Plan Consultation on potentialy 7,500 houses


An end and a new begining

  On Thursday we had an election for Essex County Council and after serving as their County Councillor for four years the residents of Hockley and Hullbridge decided that they didn't want me anymore but would rather have the Conservative candidate (Actually the vote in Hullbridge was overwhelmingly for me, it's just Hockley is a … Continue reading An end and a new begining

Holiday activities for half-term

Rochford District Council assists in providing activities for young people during the holidays.  The activities available for this half term can be seen here. The available options are based around Art or Sports ranging from horse riding, badminton and golf through to musical workshops and a coach trip to the London museums. The days of subsidy have gone unfortunately and costs … Continue reading Holiday activities for half-term

Changes to bin Collection days in Rochford

During the week of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, bin collections throughout the Rochford District Council area will be as follows: Normal collection day                Updated collection day Monday June 4th                                  As normal Tuesday June 5th                                 Wednesday June 6th Wednesday June 6th                           Thursday June 7th Thursday June 7th                                Friday June 8th Friday June 8th                                      Saturday June 9th  

Uncontested Elections on 3rd May

The District Council has published the list of those elections where candidates have been elected uncontested, in other words there were fewer candidates than council places available. This year all the uncontested elections were for Town or Parish seats in Rayleigh, Hockley and Hullbridge.  The full list can be seen here. In Hullbridge this means that there is one vacancy still, … Continue reading Uncontested Elections on 3rd May