What are they hiding?

Recently, on the 25th April, the District Council met and there were a number of items under Exempt (this is Council speak for Confidential).  We have released a press release about it which you can read here and from the excerpt below you can see we tried to have this heard in Public.

At the meeting on the 25th April, Green and Rochford District Residents Group Councillors argued strongly that although some commercially sensitive parts of the report should remain private, the bulk of the report should have been made public. Residents have a right to know how their council taxes are spent and what decisions are made in their name. Unfortunately, the Conservative majority were in favour of keeping the whole report secret with Tory Council Chair, Carole Weston, using her casting vote to exclude the press and public from the meeting.

Some things about ICT are not in Exempt though.  One of the things not in exempt is the Project Plan for the ICT Systems Migration which shows that 18 of  20 milestones have been missed and that the project is in red, red is not good.  It shows that of the 18 milestones left to do (of the 20) 17 will be delivered late.

As I write I cannot say what the costs of these problems may be or when they may be solved.  The Conservatives have made that secret.


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    1. No, it may become public at some unspecified date in the future but because it comes under Exempt it cannot be made public.

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