Rochford’s Opposition have their demands met, nearly.

Tonight's Council Meeting was rather more eventful than usual with two petitions being presented expressing opposition to the closure of Hockley and Rayleigh Public Toilets, the Leader of the Council accusing Councillors of showboating  and the Council backing down over the wording of its proposed Social Media Policy, a policy which had drawn lots of … Continue reading Rochford’s Opposition have their demands met, nearly.


To be Gagged or not to be Gagged

Rochford District Council is putting forward, for members approval, a Social Media Policy for Councillors at the next Full Council meeting on 12 December.  At first sight this might seem uncontentious, Councillors should abide by a Policy as should any member of an organisation, however when reading it carefully it appears to put a great many restrictions … Continue reading To be Gagged or not to be Gagged

Rochford’s Citizen of the Year

Nominations are now open for the Citizen of the year.  As well as the actual Citizen of the Year there are 3 Categories where people may be nominated. Young Citizen (under 18) Charitable Support Community Spirit Nominations are open to any group or individual within the District. Last year only one young person was nominated.  They … Continue reading Rochford’s Citizen of the Year

New Local Plan – What happened last time?

I have been looking over the last Allocations Plan, which was adopted by the Council in 2014 to much local opposition.  It is interesting reading in that many of the problems we saw then are still problems and nothing coming from the proposed developments from that Plan have done anything to mitigate them. Perhaps the most … Continue reading New Local Plan – What happened last time?

Consultation on Rochford Council’s Budget

Rochford Council are conducting their annual budget survey so I thought perhaps I could join in with my own version.  The Council gets only 2-300 responses to it consultation so it will be interesting how well I can do. Below is a simple table, based on the Councils, which you just need to complete.  I … Continue reading Consultation on Rochford Council’s Budget

Here we go again – Rochford Launches Local Plan Consultation on potentialy 7,500 houses

Friday (the 17th November) was the start of the Districts second Local Plan , when the Planning Policy Sub-Committee agreed to send the Issues & Options Document, with accompanying papers, to Extraordinary Council on to 28th November for Approval to go out to Consultation. This plan looks to build around 7,500 (figure calculated by Cllr John … Continue reading Here we go again – Rochford Launches Local Plan Consultation on potentialy 7,500 houses

Conservatives Agree to Opposition Motion

In July 2017 The Green & Rochford District Resident Group on Rochford District Council put through a motion to the next Full Council meeting, to be held on 13 October 2017, which called for all parking charges on Saturdays during December (prior to Christmas) be suspended provided that the Council could afford to lose the … Continue reading Conservatives Agree to Opposition Motion