Rochford Tories vote to raise £200,000 with 2.98% Council Tax Increase

Last night the Council met in an Extraordinary Meeting (Council speak for an extra meeting) to debate and vote on the Conservative Administrations Budget. In the past the Green and Rochford District Residents Group has put forward opposition amendments to the budget, only to see them voted down but then resurrected as Administration proposals a … Continue reading Rochford Tories vote to raise £200,000 with 2.98% Council Tax Increase


Consultation on Rochford Council’s Budget

Rochford Council are conducting their annual budget survey so I thought perhaps I could join in with my own version.  The Council gets only 2-300 responses to it consultation so it will be interesting how well I can do. Below is a simple table, based on the Councils, which you just need to complete.  I … Continue reading Consultation on Rochford Council’s Budget

Empty homes in the Rochford District

Since she was first elected in 2011 Cllr Diane Hoy has been keen to see empty homes brought back into use. As she walks around Hullbridge (the Ward she represents) Diane makes a note of all those which appear empty and reports them to the Council.  However she has so far been disappointed in the progress by … Continue reading Empty homes in the Rochford District

Rochford – Extraordinary Council Meeting

Rochford District Council is holding an Extraordinary meriting on Tuesday 29 January to approve (or not) the medium term financial strategy.  The details can be found here and the actual resolution (to be agreed) is as follows. It is proposed that the Council RESOLVES to agree-: (1) The Medium Term Financial Strategy for 2013/14 to 2017/18 including the proposals … Continue reading Rochford – Extraordinary Council Meeting