What are they hiding?

Recently, on the 25th April, the District Council met and there were a number of items under Exempt (this is Council speak for Confidential).  We have released a press release about it which you can read here and from the excerpt below you can see we tried to have this heard in Public. At the meeting on … Continue reading What are they hiding?


Tories & Labour get into bed with each other

Tonights Full Council meeting at Rochford District Council was very eventful.  The first Council meeting after the elections is usually an uneventful one with just appointments of committees and Chairman to go through without much discussion.  However tonight the Tories and Labour came up with a surprise for many opposition members. Chair of Review has, … Continue reading Tories & Labour get into bed with each other

Rochford – Extraordinary Council Meeting

Rochford District Council is holding an Extraordinary meriting on Tuesday 29 January to approve (or not) the medium term financial strategy.  The details can be found here and the actual resolution (to be agreed) is as follows. It is proposed that the Council RESOLVES to agree-: (1) The Medium Term Financial Strategy for 2013/14 to 2017/18 including the proposals … Continue reading Rochford – Extraordinary Council Meeting