The Planning meeting, with little idea of what was to come.

As reported in the previous post last nights “secretive” meeting was preceded by the normally monthly meeting.  It was fairly standard, although two items that were on the Agenda hadn’t made it to the meeting.  A summary of what happened is below.

Land between Main Road, Rectory Road and Clements Hall Way, Hawkwell
This had been referred to the Committee By Cllr Mrs Mason and was regarding a wheel cleaning facility for lorries leaving the site. The developers removed it in October and since then the roads have been muddy with loose debris from the building site. In October the Council voted to insist the facility was put back but Councillors had been advised that Officers would not enforce the condition. In the end we voted for a condition including the use of a road sweeper.

81 High Street, Rayleigh
To have extended outside seating by Greggs. This was refused; most Councillors feeling it took up too much room and being detrimental to the Conservation Area.

12A Purdeys Way Rochford
This was interesting, a Trampoline facility next door to Roller City. It was interesting because a few years ago Roller City had objections from local firms due to noise and parking, but they eventually received planning permission. One of the firms objecting has since moved (to Scotland) and that is the premises the Trampoline company want to take over. This time it was Roller City’s turn to object, which a number of Councillors found rather ironic. However after some discussions the application was passed by a large majority.

We then moved to the Extraordinary Full Council meeting which is reported elsewhere.