Essex County Highways start work on Watery Lane

Watery Lane is at last receiving the attention from Essex Highways that has been noticeably lacking in the last few months and in our opinion years.  Cllr Michael Hoy was there today and spoke with an officer from Essex County Council. As mentioned in the previous post two 4,000 tankers turned up on Wednesday evening after a meeting involving … Continue reading Essex County Highways start work on Watery Lane

Watery Lane Update – 13 February 2012

At last we may have movement at Essex County Council on Watery Lane. Yesterday Cllrs Michael & Diane Hoy, along with Cllr Keith Hudson, met with County Highways Chief Engineer and Rochford's Chief Engineer. Michael put forward the points Immediate action was needed to make the road passable.  His view was the drains/culverts needed cleaning as they … Continue reading Watery Lane Update – 13 February 2012

Hullbridge Parish Council – Monthly Meeting

The parish Council is holding its February meeting tomorrow, Monday 11 February, at the Hullbridge Centre in Windermere Avenue.  The meeting starts at 7.30pm and is open to the public. The Agenda for the meeting can be read here.  There doesn't appear to be anything to contentious on it and it could be a reasonably short meeting.  However it is … Continue reading Hullbridge Parish Council – Monthly Meeting

A bit more on Watery Lane

The road closed signs first went up at the entry to Watery Lane of 3rd December 2012 and they are still up now.  During that time the road has "officially" been flooded. One of the issues has been drivers either ignoring the signs or missing them.  There is certainly a case for larger better signs, and possibly gates, as … Continue reading A bit more on Watery Lane

Watery Lane – In Pictures

These pictures were taken today, Sunday 3 February, and show how deep the water is in Watery Lane.  The road is not passable by car and Essex Fire Service have said the following in response to their rescue of 5 motorists last night. Firefighters had to rescue five adults from three vehicles after motorists ignored … Continue reading Watery Lane – In Pictures

Watery Lane – still flooded

We have been contacted quite a lot in recent weeks concerning Watery Lane.  The Road Flooded signs have been up for some time and anyone who has ventured down there will know that water has remained on the carriageway throughout that period albeit at varying depths.   Today I have had reliable reports that the … Continue reading Watery Lane – still flooded