Conservatives Agree to Opposition Motion

In July 2017 The Green & Rochford District Resident Group on Rochford District Council put through a motion to the next Full Council meeting, to be held on 13 October 2017, which called for all parking charges on Saturdays during December (prior to Christmas) be suspended provided that the Council could afford to lose the … Continue reading Conservatives Agree to Opposition Motion


What are they hiding?

Recently, on the 25th April, the District Council met and there were a number of items under Exempt (this is Council speak for Confidential).  We have released a press release about it which you can read here and from the excerpt below you can see we tried to have this heard in Public. At the meeting on … Continue reading What are they hiding?

Rochford Council Ignore Vote?

During the recent County Council Elections one of the most common questions I was asked related in some way to the downgrading of Southend A&E. Both the Green Party and the Rochford District Residents already felt that these proposals deserved a full airing at Rochford Council's next meeting, which was to be held on 25 … Continue reading Rochford Council Ignore Vote?

Rochford Citizen of the Year

This evening I have been attending the Rochford Citizen of the Year Award.  This is an annual ceremony to celebrate the best of the District. There are three catagories and the winners were Young Citizen - Chloe Good Charitable Support - Clair Hawtree Community Spirit - Georgie & Andrew Watson There is then an overall … Continue reading Rochford Citizen of the Year

An end and a new begining

  On Thursday we had an election for Essex County Council and after serving as their County Councillor for four years the residents of Hockley and Hullbridge decided that they didn't want me anymore but would rather have the Conservative candidate (Actually the vote in Hullbridge was overwhelmingly for me, it's just Hockley is a … Continue reading An end and a new begining

A Resurrected Blog

In 2013 I was elected as County Councillor for Rochford West, the time involved meant I could no longer keep up with this Blog and after a number of failing attempts I finally gave up posting anything in 2015. However following on from yesterdays election I am no longer a County Councillor and I am determined … Continue reading A Resurrected Blog

Licensing Committee, and some new Policies

The Licensing Committee of Rochford Council met a couple of weeks ago to discuss new Licensing and Gambling Policies, these had to be reviewed as they had become out of date with changes in legislation and the Agenda and Draft Policies can be seen here. The meeting discussed the new draft Licensing Policy first and I raised the … Continue reading Licensing Committee, and some new Policies