New Local Plan – What happened last time?

I have been looking over the last Allocations Plan, which was adopted by the Council in 2014 to much local opposition.  It is interesting reading in that many of the problems we saw then are still problems and nothing coming from the proposed developments from that Plan have done anything to mitigate them.

Perhaps the most enlightening document to read is the Inspectors Report.  This indicates where we may have been able to have our concerns properly addressed if we had got them through at an earlier point and had good evidence base to back them up.

As an example Hullbridge Residents Association did a large amount of work around traffic but the Inspector dismissed it

“As indicated in paragraphs 22-25 the cumulative impact of traffic on Hullbridge
arising from other permitted and proposed developments was taken into
account in the CS. The Hullbridge Residents Action Group has undertaken a
peak time survey and a large number of properties would be affected by
extra traffic. However, no assessment has been undertaken to show that local
roads would be overloaded or that there would be significant harm to amenity.”

Reading the Inspectors Report seems a good place to start from in getting across our concerns with infrastructure etc and we will need to back up our statements with evidence.  We are already collecting some of this evidence with the pollution monitoring we are doing as a Group within the District which we can use as evidence in support of our submissions.

On the first point I made, we are definitely in at the first stage this time and we will submit our evidence from the beginning.