Here we go again – Rochford Launches Local Plan Consultation on potentialy 7,500 houses

Friday (the 17th November) was the start of the Districts second Local Plan , when the Planning Policy Sub-Committee agreed to send the Issues & Options Document, with accompanying papers, to Extraordinary Council on to 28th November for Approval to go out to Consultation.

This plan looks to build around 7,500 (figure calculated by Cllr John Mason) units between 2017-2037, which are on top of the 2,736 approved for development in the original plan (500 of which are in Hullbridge).  The 7,500 are a maximum that could be developed and these should be reduced by evidence provided to the Council during the consultation which can put constraints on that number.

The consultation is expected to start around the middle of December 2017 and will last for 12 weeks.  This is where we as residents will be able to have our first say about the proposals and it is important that we do.

Many residents were unaware of the consultation at this stage of the original plan and because of that developments were not properly assessed.  It is vitally important that we all comment about the proposals this time so that we can say where there may be problems.  This could include lack of infrastructure (roads, cyclepaths, water & electricity), Full schools, lack of public transport, environmental problems (pollution, flooding), healthcare, community facilities, etc.

One important concession won by Cllr John Mason on behalf of our Group (Cllr Mason is the Green & Rochford District Residents Appointee to the Sub-Committee) was for the leafleting of every Household within the District about these plans.

Here are two maps for the land that has been offered for development around Hullbridge and Hockley.  Please remember this is not where development will take place, just where land has been offered for development.


Hullbridge Map


Hockley Map

The Detailed Documents can be accessed here.

All of the maps for the area can be accessed here

We will also leaflet Hullbridge ourselves so every household receives notification of this and we will work with the Hullbridge Residents Association to keep residents informed and to assist with any responses they need to make.