Conservatives Agree to Opposition Motion

In July 2017 The Green & Rochford District Resident Group on Rochford District Council put through a motion to the next Full Council meeting, to be held on 13 October 2017, which called for all parking charges on Saturdays during December (prior to Christmas) be suspended provided that the Council could afford to lose the revenue given the financial needs to save money by closing toilets or cost shunting this to Parish and Town Councils.

In the past this decision has always been taken by the Conservative Executive at short notice so that no decision is able to be taken or actually considered by the Council alongside the running budget. 

The last report to the Executive on the running budget was actually materially incorrect by an error of Council Staff in an estimated sum of £300,000. No one at the Conservative Executive meeting noticed. But it was still passed.

At the Conservative Executive meeting in September the Conservative Administration having been advised of the motion put forward by the Opposition, agreed to suspend parking charges on Saturdays during December (prior to Christmas) and before the next Council Meeting where it could be discussed by all Councillors including the Budget error. 

Cllr Michael Hoy, Deputy Group Leader, said “I am pleased that the Conservatives have taken on board our proposal, although I would have preferred it to go to Full Council in October so that the whole Council could properly decide on this and its affordability, especially in the light of the budget error.”