Rochford Citizen of the Year

This evening I have been attending the Rochford Citizen of the Year Award.  This is an annual ceremony to celebrate the best of the District.

There are three catagories and the winners were

  1. Young Citizen – Chloe Good
  2. Charitable Support – Clair Hawtree
  3. Community Spirit – Georgie & Andrew Watson

There is then an overall Award for the Citizen of the Year.

The overall winner was Dave Record from Hullbridge.  Dave volunteers exatensivly and there was a lot to say about him, including;

“Dave is a pivotal member of the Hockley Woods Parkrun team…”

“… has volunteered at the Olympics and Commonwealth Games…I believe he spends more time in the Olympic Park volunteering than he does at home!”

Dave also

  • Sits on a local sports committee
  • Advises on First Aid for Crucial Crew
  • Is Involved with Hullbridge and District Scouts
  • Is First Aider and Hullbridge First Responder
  • Teaches First Aid to Scouts and Guides
  • Marshalls the London Marathon

These are just some of the things he does and the Award was well deserved.


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