An end and a new begining


On Thursday we had an election for Essex County Council and after serving as their County Councillor for four years the residents of Hockley and Hullbridge decided that they didn’t want me anymore but would rather have the Conservative candidate (Actually the vote in Hullbridge was overwhelmingly for me, it’s just Hockley is a lot bigger and wasn’t as keen).

On the plus side I will now have a lot more time to have a life.  It means I can carry on being a District Councillor and dealing with issues at a local level without spending an interminable amount of time in meetings or dealing with the endless Bureaucracy.

On the downside I have lost an avenue where, however slowly, it was possible to get things done and infrastructure improvements made.  I think the best things I achieved at Essex are

  • The ending of free meals for Councillors.  this was a hangover from the Lord Hanningfield days and all groups (apart from the greens) wanted to keep them.  However in the last year we managed to get rid of them and now Councillors have to buy their lunch, the same as everyone else.
  • A 20mph limit by Riverside School in Ferry Road Hullbridge.  These are very difficult to get in Essex as the Police seem to oppose them and the Conservatives never seem to want them.
  • Cyclepath along Hullbridge Road (not sure if this should be included as it finished short due to funding problems, but it is still a cyclepath).

Other things were in the pipeline, particularly in Hockley, but it is less likely these will get done now although I will keep pushing for them using whatever residual influence I have.