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Both Diane and myself went to the Area Bus Review meetings at Rochford.  I went to the morning session and Diane went to the afternoon one, to which she also took a number of residents.  This review follows on from the recent consultation and the outcomes of it will dictate buses and the routes they take.

The morning session which was closed, only being opened to County/District/Parish Councillors and bus user representatives, gave a quick overview of the consultation which for Hullbridge/Hockley highlighted the lack of regular buses to The Dome and Hockley Park on Lower Road.  This session allowed those present (only eight people) to show the County Officers where people needed buses to run (Medical/Education/Work/Shopping Leisure) and where the service fell down (The Dome/Hockley Park and North South routes such as to Chelmsford).

The afternoon session, was well attended by Hullbridge residents, particularly from The Dome & Hockley Park.  Those attending filled in a form saying what routes are currently good and what other routes they wanted.  There was concern over the loss of the number 10 which runs once a week from Paglesham down Lower Road past The Dome/Hockley Park through to Rayleigh.  This is the only service that the Dome and Hockley Park have which runs during the school holidays.  On top of that it only gives users an hour in Rayleigh before it returns.

The request which has been put forward by Diane, myself and residents is for one of the four number 20’s which run to Hullbridge each hour to continue on to The Dome/Hockley Park and then either return to Southend by the normal route or continue on through Ashingdon to Southend.

With regard to North South routes Chelmsford was mentioned by myself in the morning along with Sid Cumberland.  The number 3 has recently been brought up as being a problem only running every two hours and often (it seems) breaking down.

The officers have taken away a lot of information and, rarely, it does seem to be one of those consultations where they were interested in what we had to say and that it would be taken into account in their plans.  The results should be out at the end of the summer for a further consultation, we will let you know when.


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  1. When the invitations first went out I pointed out that the meetings were during most people’s working hours, so they could not attend even if they wanted to. I asked ECC if we could have a meeting during the evening when more people could attend but got no reply.

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