Watery Lane

Of all the issues that are raised for me to deal with the one which gives rise to most issues is Watery Lane, yet this road falls completely outside of my Division as it comes under, Conservative Councillor, Malcolm Maddocks in Rayleigh North (I cover Rochford West which is basically Hullbridge and Hockley).

However this does not stop me dealing with the issues, although it has caused some issues when Council Officers realise that it is not my “responsibility” and it also means I am not automatically told of any problems with it or get notice of any work to be undertaken.

The latest issues are potholes and poor road surface, I have (as have others) reported the large pothole but in addition the carriageway is deteriorating very quickly and the road surface is crumbling at the edges.  This needs looking at urgently and I will add it to my list.

In addition since the severe flooding of Watery Lane for 3 months in 2013 and the drain clearance at that time, Essex Highways have failed to clear the drains and regular quarterly Culvert clearing, which is supposed to be organised through the Local Highways Panel, has not happened.  So now, two years after the drains were originally cleared it looks as though they are blocked again, and this is purely down to the incompetence of Essex Highways and their private Contractor Ringway Jacobs.

This fiasco demonstrates that Essex Highways are unable to act to prevent problems occurring but have a regime where they can only react to problems once they occur.


2 thoughts on “Watery Lane

  1. As you know Michael, I regularly comment on this issue, and my frustration is that there are too many officers, managers, department leaders at Essex County Council saying they do not have the budgets for regular maintenance, when it is clear that there is very little money left for the people who actually do the work. The practice of using sub contractors can be cost effective in some instances, but not always. It appears to me now that there is no one within the council who actually do any of the actual work.

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