Can you trust the UKIP promises?

In the election leaflet the UKIP candidate is putting around there is a statement on what they have done so far.  One of the three (yes three in a year) items says

“Spoke and voted against an increase in parking charges in Rochford District, and the abolition of the exemption for severely disabled”

For clarity severely disabled means blue badge holders.  This on the surface is fine (The Greens led the discussion on retaining the exemption for Blue Badge Holders).

However last night at the Review Committee, chaired by Michael Hoy, one of the proposals to be forward to the next Council Budget was to bring back free parking for Blue Badge Holders.  Not only did the UKIP member of the committee, Jamie Burton, vote against this they also spoke against it leaving no one in two minds where he stood, against the exemption of Blue Badge holders from charges.