Rayleigh & Wickford candidates – General Election 7 May 2015

There are six candidates putting themselves forward as prospective MP’s at the General Election which is taking place on 7 May.

The Green Party are standing a candidate for the first time in the constituency with Sarah Yapp entering politics for the first time.  As a small business owner based in Southend, but with her family coming from Hockley, she has close connections to the area and understands the problems very well and is passionate about explaining the Green Manifesto commitments which will help residents in the area ignored or who are suffering under the current coalition.

The full list of candidates is

Sarah Yapp                          GREEN

Mark Francois                    Conservative

John Hayter                        ukip

Linda Kendal                      Ind

Mike Pitt                              Lib Dem

David Hough                      Labour


2 thoughts on “Rayleigh & Wickford candidates – General Election 7 May 2015

  1. Good Luck I’m sure you can do a better job than the rest. The Greens always putting people first.

  2. Typically this blog has no input for months on end until an election looms when a sudden flurry of posts appear. If you can’t put the effort in, don’t expect people to bother at the booths..

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