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Unfortunately I do not have much of an update despite my asking for information residents have requested.  I still have no confirmed re opening date beyond the stock answer of 15/22 October.  However in the latest communication I received (an extract is below) Essex Highways have indicated that the road may be able to be opened sooner using a two-way temporary signal system, which will at least alleviate some of the traffic chaos.

Also they have confirmed that the traffic has been measured and that the queueing wasn’t bad enough to warrant additional measures to ease traffic flow.  However they managed to measure flows on the 4 September (evening) before Sweyne-Park was fully back as 3 of the years went back on the 5th, and on 5 September (morning).  This has meant they have not observed the worst of the traffic congestion

Thank you for your emails dated 4, 9 and 11 September 2014 concerning the above.
I have liaised with the Site Supervisor in relation to these issues and have been advised as follows.
In response to your email dated 4 September 2014, I can confirm that queuing traffic on the diversion route is being monitored on a regular basis. It was last monitored on the 4 September between 16:30 and 18:00 and then on the 5 September between 07:00 and 08:00.
•         This survey showed that the morning peak was slightly worse than normal, however the queues on the Hullbridge Road approaches to Rawreth Lane/Hullbridge Road roundabout were not longer than 5 minutes.
•         Based on the survey carried out on the 4 September the extensive queuing on Rawreth Lane has not worsened. The time taken to travel It from the A1245 to Rawreth Lane/Hullbridge Road Roundabout was 20 minutes, which is less that when monitored at the start of the work. This may be because the evening peak is after than the school run and is therefore unaffected.
The use of temporary traffic lights to control the movement of vehicles on the roundabout and adjustments to the signal timings have been fully investigated; but the outcome of the investigation was that any changes would add to the congestion rather that reduce it.
In response to your email dated 9 September 2014, I can confirm that the monitoring of the traffic has shown that queue lengths at this location are in the order of 20-30 minutes. However if there are other problems on the network, such as a road traffic accident or a broken down lorry, then this will lengthen the queues.
We will look to partially re-open the road, and work using two-way temporary signals as soon as this is safely possible.
 I will update everyone as soon as I have an opening date.

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