“Jobs for the boys” at Essex?

It has been announced that three Essex County Council Cabinet members have either resigned or been replaced.  Those going are Cllr Anne Naylor, Cllr Roger Walters and Cllr John Jowers.

There are now ten cabinet members and eleven deputy cabinet members but the changes really throw up some important issues.

Council Leader David Finch has a deputy cabinet member to his position which is very strange as surely that role belongs to the Deputy Leader Kevin Bentley, who himself has two deputies of his own.

With 21 members of the Conservative party now either a Cabinet Member or a Deputy exactly half of their elected members are involved in Cabinet and receiving enhanced allowances paid on top of the standard allowance for Councillors (Full Member £34,378; Deputy Member £13,374).

One further point, of the 21 Full Members or Deputy Members only 5 are women.

All positions are listed below.

Portfolio title
Cabinet Member
Deputy Cabinet Member
Cllr David Finch
Cllr Anthony Jackson
Deputy Leader and portfolio holder for Economic Growth, Infrastructure, Waste and Recycling
Cllr Kevin Bentley
Cllr Penny Channer
Cllr Malcolm Buckley
Cllr John Spence
Cllr Valerie Metcalfe
Highways and Transportation
Cllr Rodney Bass
Cllr Ray Howard
Highways Maintenance and Small Scheme Delivery
Cllr Eddie Johnson
Transformation and Corporate & Traded Services
Cllr Derrick Louis
Adult Social Care, Public Health and Wellbeing
Cllr Anne Brown
Cllr Terry Cutmore
Cllr Malcolm Maddocks
Education and lifelong learning
Cllr Ray Gooding
Cllr Sue Lissimore
Children and Families
Cllr Dick Madden
Cllr Ricki Gadsby
Libraries, Communities and Planning
Cllr Roger Hirst
Cllr Kay Twitchen
Cllr Mick Page

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