Planned Work to the Watery Lane Junction with Hullbridge Road

I brought up the number of accidents at this spot just under a year ago due to the number of accidents, officially (that means reported to the Police) there have been five recent accidents at the site.

At the June meeting of the Local Highways Panel the work was approved and will now be going ahead.  The actual changes will be quite small but include

  • Refresh the line markings on the road
  • Add an informal domed island at the give way marking in Watery Lane (partly to deter drivers turning right into Watery Lane from cutting across the junction)
  • Re-install a short stretch of kerbing by the pumping station to improve the carriageway definition
  • Cut back the vegetation by the pumping station
  •  Remove part of the existing hatching to highlight the turning point

Hopefully this work should make a difference to the safety of this junction.

If anyone believes that there are any other accident spots in Hullbridge/Hockley, or elsewhere in the District, please let me know as I can look into them and bring them to the Highways Panel for consideration.


5 thoughts on “Planned Work to the Watery Lane Junction with Hullbridge Road

  1. Well I’ve just got to say 12 weeks is a long while for a bridge to be replaced.
    Considering they replace railway bridges over the weekend yes I understand the nature of a job like this. However, you would think the ground work could have be done months ago causing a little disruption but who’s to say.
    Its a bit like Saddlers farm roundabout how long did that take.

  2. This is a joke,all this time to do “Bridge repairs” I believe this is all to do with the proposed extra housing develpment around this area that is well hidden from the public eye,absolute farce in my opinion and do you really think the residents around here are that stupid to believe that the small bridges take that long to repair??? NO WE ARE NOT!! Council cover up

  3. Any update on how the current Watery Lane works are going? Do we know when it is due to reopen?

  4. The traffic queues are a complete nightmare i travel from hullbridge to wickford everyday and it usually takes me 20 mins per journey, at the moment 45mins is good. There should have been a bit of thought and planning put into rawreth lane or the other routes that are taking the all the backlash of traffic morning and night its a misery. Cant wait for it to be closed again next year for 10 weeks. Whoopee……

  5. Any updates on this? Still no sign of the road opening. I am leaving half-hour earlier than usual to get through and its still taking 10 minutes to get through to Rawreth Lane, and that’s pretty slow too.

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