The Review Committee

After the elections this year myself and Diane formed a “Group” on Rochford District Council with John & Christine Mason.  This made us the largest opposition Group and meant that we could nominate the Chairman of the important Review Committee.  The Review Committee is there to check the work, policies and spending of the Council and can be an important check on it.  At the Council meeting in June I was duly elected as Chairman.

I have decided to write a regular spot around this and try to encourage as many people as possible to come to the meetings, as with most Council meetings they are open to the public, but the public rarely attend.  This meeting in particular opens up the Council and you can see Council Officers as well as the Conservative Cabinet members being questioned in-depth by the committee members.

We have started to set the Work Plan, you can see it in detail here (we have made some changes since then but it broadly hasn’t changed) with some of the main items we are looking at being

  • Building Control
  • ICT Contract
  • Car Parking Charges
  • Council Budget (this has been moved to 2 December)
  • Dog Fouling
  • Highway Maintenance

Our next full meeting is on 9 September, but before then there will be other meetings, some of which have to be in private due to commercially sensitive information being discussed, but some are in Public such as the Treasury Management Sub-Committee which is meeting on 15 July at the Civic Suite in Rayleigh.

Please come along to the meetings and obviously if you think that there is anything that we should be looking at which we aren’t just let me know.


One thought on “The Review Committee

  1. Congratulations John this is a very positive move as is your decision to encourage members of the public to attend meetings. This committee could and should be the centre point of scrutiny of the councils activities and it is good to see that it is now much more open.

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