End of an Era

I have decided to resign from Hullbridge Parish Council.  This is a very hard decision to have made, having been a Parish Councillor since 2004 after being persuaded to stand by Chris Morgan (a former Councillor himself).

The time itself has been sometimes frustrating, sometimes acrimonious and sometimes fulfilling.

Frustrating when something I fail to persuade other Councillors of a clear (as I see it) benefit to Hullbridge.

Acrimonious when I have felt (as have others) that the Parish Council has not got the message out, such as over the proposed housing for Hullbridge.

Fulfilling when a plan comes together, such as moving the Christmas fair to the car park and getting such a great response from residents.

However my commitments on both District Council (where last night I was voted on as Chairman of the Review Committee), County Council and my “day job” has meant something has had to give, and unfortunately it is the Parish Council.

I wrote to the Chairman, Angelina Marriott last night with my resignation and a new Councillor will be co-opted on, probably at the July meeting.

Michael Hoy