The Post Election Council meeting

Rochford District Council is holding its Annual meeting tonight at the Civic Suite in Rayleigh.  This is largely a ceremonial meeting with appointments for Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Council, membership to committees and their Chairman and other bodies (such as Rochford Housing Association).  The Agenda is as follows.


  1. To elect the Chairman of the Council for the 2014/15 Municipal Year
  2. The elected Chairman of the Council to make the Statutory Declaration of Acceptance of Office
  3. To elect the Vice-Chairman of the Council for the 2014/15 Municipal Year
  4. The elected Vice-Chairman of the Council to make the Statutory Declaration of Acceptance of Office
  5. The Chairman of the Council to appoint a Chaplain
  6. To receive Apologies for Absence
  7. Minutes of the Meeting held on 15 April 2014
  8. Announcements by the Chairman and/or Head of Paid Service
  9. District and Parish Council Election Results
  10. Notices of Group Membership.  To receive details of the Notices of Membership required to be served by the Groups on the Proper Officer.
  11. Appointment of the Executive, Committees, Sub Committees and Working Groups 2014115.  To consider the report of the Chief Executive on the discharge of business during the 2014/15 Municipal Year.
  12. Scheme of Delegation.  To agree the Scheme of Delegation as set out in Part 3A and C of the Constitution.
  13. Council Meetings.  To approve the scheduling of ordinary meetings of the Council on 29 July 2014; 21 October 2014; 16 December 2014; 24 February 2015 and 21 April 2015.
  14. Appointment of Representatives to Outside Bodies and other Forums 2014/15.  To consider the report of the Head of Legal, Estates and Member Services on appointments to outside bodies and other forums for the 2014/15 Municipal Year.

More details can be found by following this link.

The meeting is open to the public and although it may not be the most exciting one of the year (July’s meeting will be much livelier) it is better when we have people there.