A very uneventful meeting

Tonight’s Annual meeting of Rochford District Council was very uneventful with the items on the Agenda being passed with little contention to a packed public gallery.  Even when a vote had to take place it was met with resigned acceptance from the losers and nothing was a surprise.

The new Chairman of the Council (who was last years Vice-Chairman) is Cllr June Lumley (a Lib Dem).  With Cllr Heather Glyn becoming the Vice Chairman.

Committees went as predicted and according to the rules with the Conservative Administration having the majority on all of them along with the Chairmanships and Vice Chairs.  The exception being the Review Committee which went to Cllr Michael Hoy of the Green & Rochford District Residents as this role goes to the largest opposition group.

The next meeting, on Tuesday 29 July, should be a bit more eventful with Saturday afternoon parking coming back to the Council as well as a call in of the Open Spaces Policy by Cllr Chris Black, Cllr John Mason and Cllr Michael Hoy.


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