Busy meeting for Tuesday

Rochford District Council is meeting on Tuesday next week, the 25th, to discuss a number of important items.  The meeting is held in the Civic Suite which is Opposite Holy Trinity Church at the top of Rayleigh High Street.

This meeting, known as the Full Council, is important as it is only at these meetings the Council can decide on certain matters and all members have the opportunity to speak and put their point of view across to the Administration.

The Agenda can be read here in full but the more important points to be agreed are

  • Item 11 – Motions on notice.  This is calling for the decision made at the January meeting, introducing parking charges for Saturday afternoons in the District car parks, to be reversed.
  • Item 15 – Adoption of the Allocations Document.  The document that details the numbers and places for the proposed housing to be built in the district (including the 500 for Hullbridge etc).
  • Item 16 – Hockley Area Action Plan.  The document detailing development within Hockley Centre including a large shop (watered down from specifically being a supermarket but still a large shop).
  • Item 17 – Forum for surface water flooding issues.  This will establish a group of Councillors (how they are to be chosen isn’t clear) who will liaise, advise and coordinate with responsible organisations on flood issues.  It will have an initial budget of £18,000.

Hopefully there will be a large number of people in the chamber on the night as these four items are key decisions of the council on which the Administration has been widely criticised for either pushing through against public objections (items 11, 15 & 16) or for not acting on soon enough (item 17).