Essex County Council releases £1m of emergency funding for flooded roads

Essex County Council have at last listened to the concerns of residents and have at last decided to act on the flooded roads of the County.  Below is the press release allocating £1 Million to tackle road flooding in the County.
Essex County Council is releasing £1m of emergency funding to tackle road flooding across the county.
A package of measures is being put in place urgently in conjunction with District/ Borough/ City Councils to identify the worst flooding points, where action will be taken to clear culverts, empty and jet gullies and remove debris.
Essex County Councillor Rodney Bass, Cabinet Member for Highways and Transportation, is calling on the emergency services, drainage authorities, landowners, water authorities, rangers and the Environment Agency to also play their part in helping to clear up these flooding hotspots.
Councillor Bass said: “Essex has experienced the longest sustained period of wet weather for many years. As the Cabinet Member for Highways and Transportation I very much welcome the additional emergency support of £1m that will go some way to alleviating the roadside flooding we are experiencing. Investing resources sensibly in this way also prevents future flooding. I hope partner agencies will follow our initiative to ensure an effective response at the worst points of flooding.
“We are calling on each of our 12 Districts to identify the five worst flooding hotspots on the road network by the end of this week so that we can begin this emergency operation, with their support, and try to deal with 60 flooding hotspots across Essex.”
Essex County Council has recently released information advising residents to take care on the roads, at
Within Rochford District the one road needing flood alleviation methods that immediately springs to mind is Watery Lane in Rawreth.  Some schemes have been put forward including installing a drainage system on the field to the South of the to prevent it draining onto the road as it currently does (and is allowed to do quite legally) and I will be pushing for watery Lane to be put into the top 5 as we all know it floods every year not just in this one.

3 thoughts on “Essex County Council releases £1m of emergency funding for flooded roads

  1. Lets hope the culverts and gullies that are around west Rayleigh, Rawreth and Daws Heath Road are included. We need a full review of the water course\s not simple patching up. Plus.Plus the stopping of the planned building of 1379 houses on Hullbridge Road and London Road/Rawreth Lane that wlll make flooding more likely in future.

  2. Michael, good to see a County Councillor writing about this stuff, thank you. There is one particular location that could be dealt quickly and at a reasonable cost for the work required – the ditch between Hedgehope Avenue and Down Hall Close, This would help people downstream in Down Hall Road , Deepdene Avenue and Canterbury Close – I’ll update you when I see you next.

    But as Linda says, there are other locations as well, plus the housing proposals which looks more ridiculous / tragic with every new burst of rain.

  3. As mentioned on the News. 6th march 2014 Somerset is to have 100 million spent on flood defense’s. We have been waiting for years for Essex county council to carry out such work to Watery Lane. All they have ever done is to patch it up with tarmac, When are they going to listen to those who use the road daily only to find it flooded.

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