Pot Holes & Highways

The main reason for calls to Essex County Council (and to as a County Councillor) are to do with highway problems such as potholes, street lights not working and pavement problems.

Although I can report these for you I have to report them through the same online system on the  Essex County Council website.  In addition with the number of potholes out there I would spend an awful lot of time just taking pictures and logging them meaning not a lot else would get done.

However if you have reported a problem and you feel it is urgent then email or call me with the reference number (they don’t give these for lights so I need the number on the lamp-post) and I can then check and chase it for you and if necessary meet with the Portfolio Holder for highways if it still does not get done.


2 thoughts on “Pot Holes & Highways

  1. My comment is that I asked the Essex highways to do something about the road drainage ditches due to the roads flooding in Hullbridge Road & Lower Road. They did a team came along cleared a few of the drains and then left. However, the problem still remains for years the drainage ditches have been neglected, who is responsible can somebody tell me.

  2. Ditches are either the responsibility of the land owner or Essex Highways, as Essex Highways cleared them before they should still be responsible. Can you email me and I can meet with you to look at the problem and get something sorted?

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