Inspector’s Interim Report on the Housing

The Government Inspector, David Smith, who has been conducting his review of the Allocations Document which, in relation to Hullbridge includes site SER6 and the 5oo houses, has now issued an interim report which can be read here.

Site SER6 is not mentioned at all which indicates that the Inspector sees nothing wrong with the proposals for the 500 houses, this is also the view of Rochfrod District Council.

It will however be interesting to see the final report, which probably will not know be before December/January given that the council has to carry out a further 6 week consultation on the areas which the Inspector needed to be altered.  Although it looks very likely the build quantity will be at least 500 it will be interesting to see what weight the inspector gave Cllr Hoy’s arguments (and others) over the infrastructure problems and whether conditions may be placed on development relating to these.

Once this report is published the next part of the process will be formal planning applications, which District Councillors MUST NOT give an opinion on before the formal Council meeting where they are put forward for approval or refusal.

However we understand that the company which holds the option on the land (who are not themselves developers) are looking to hold a public meeting to get feedback from the public on the proposals they want to make.  It is important people attend these meetings to give their honest views on the proposals and Councillors can take part in this process as well.  Feedback from these meetings can be incorporated into the planning application.

We will keep you informed of any further developments around this subject.