Watery Lane

Apparently Essex County Council Highways have today confirmed that Watery Lane/Beeches Road will be closed for Bridge works from the 19th of August up until the 8th of November.

We will update when we have more information.

UPDATE 8 Aug 2013

I have today been informed that this work will mean full closure of Watery Lane (24hrs a day) until the work is complete!


6 thoughts on “Watery Lane

  1. This is going to cause havoc for Hullbridge, as soon as watery lane is closed it takes over an hour to travel 7 miles to Rayleigh high street, half an hour of that is trying to get out of ferry road, my suggestion is if you haven’t booked time off for an annual holiday these dates will best either that or good luck getting to work.

  2. Its not just people getting to work, its also the children that have to get the bus. Last time Watery lane was closed (due to flooding) all of Sweyne park children that live in Hullbride and Canewdon were late more often than not.
    It may make the council rethink the 500 or so houses they plan to build after this, It is going to cause chaos..
    Best get thoes bikes out people or get the council members to do the journey we have to do on a daily basis.!!!

  3. We are currently unable to get to Hockley via Lower road and have a diversion through Rayleigh in place no idea until when, now they are shutting Watery Lane although we are told until November, us residents of Hullbridge know clearly that will be March, once the rain and snow starts that’s it we are scuppered, does no-one take into consideration the disruption this is all going to cause?
    We have one road in and one road out of the village with many children now not using the local school once we are in September and the school run starts again it is going to be disastrous!!
    A very annoyed Hullbridge resident

  4. Well it’s not closed yet as of 24th August 2013, so where are you getting your information…..

  5. Why is it that planners decide to carry out this work late in the year when the weather is so unpredictable. However, its not impossible to put a temporary bridge along side the old. But why spend all this money on a bridge when we need a complete new road that doesn’t flood. well all I can say is we may need a ferry boat in the next few years if Watery Lane keeps flooding, how much is that going to cost.

  6. After the flooding on Saturday, I noticed yesterday the road is covered in stones and debris that has run off from the fields. This will end up in the drains if it not swept off quickly and then we’ll go back to days of flooding again after rain. Why, again, do we have to remind the authorities to maintain this road properly??

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