Brian Carleton – Meeting at Hullbridge Community Centre

This is a reminder about the meeting being held on Monday 5 August at Hullbridge Community Centre by Brian Carleton.
The meeting has been planned by Brian as an open forum where questions can be asked and answered to keep people informed of where Hullbridge currently stands in relation to the 500 houses proposed for Hullbridge.
In addition please add your name to the list currently circulating the village.  This list will then be given to the Inspector, as part of the official process, to demonstrate the level of support attaching to the objections against this housing.
Brian has been involved in objecting the building in Hullbridge as long, if not longer, as we have.  He was heavily involved in the Hullbridge Action Group and the meetings in 2009 and 2010 when we had over 1,000 people at the Community Centre.
We are happy to back Brian in his efforts and will support him at this meeting.

3 thoughts on “Brian Carleton – Meeting at Hullbridge Community Centre

  1. Unfortunately I missed the meeting on Monday, but read about the proposed collection of signatures, and wondered if there is an online petition. I only ask because many potential people who work, or are on holiday when you call, could bulk up the numbers by contributing on line.

  2. Hi Pam. Brian is keen to point out it is not a petition but a way of appointing him agent. The only effective way of doing this is the old fashioned way of collecting names on paper.

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