Appointment of Chief Executive to Rochford District Council

Below is a press release issued today over what is a political appointment of Rochford District Councils new Chief Executive.  We have joined with the Rochford District Residents in voicing our objection to the process.

“Residents Councillors and Green Councillors were disappointed that the Conservative Administration of Rochford District Council only invited one candidate to make a presentation and take questions from all Members of the Council on 30 July.

Whilst all Members were initially promised that they would have a choice from more than one candidate this was changed to a presentation from a single candidate by the Conservatives.

The Conservative Administration of the Council had made it clear at the Extraordinary Council to receive the retirement announcement of Paul Warren that Green and Residents representatives would not be invited to join the Appointments Sub Committee who would interview candidates.  This was despite the Intervention of the Lib Dems to no avail given that all previous senior appointments at the Council were by full cross party interviews.

One Tory Member who asked his Group why the Residents and Greens had been excluded was reportedly told “it would be like BP (The Conservative Administration) appointing a CEO where SHELL (Residents and Greens) would also be on the Appointments Committee.”

This analogy unreasonably suggests that Residents Councillors and Green Councillors are, according to the Conservatives, not part of a wider representation of the interests of the people of Rochford District.

This has been a political appointment without choice being offered to all Members of the Council.

John Mason and Christine Mason represent Rochford District Residents in Hawkwell West
Michael Hoy and Diane Hoy represent The Green Party for Hullbridge Ward
Micheal Hoy is also the County Councillor for Rochford West Division representing The Green Party”


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