The Allocation Hearings or the 500 Houses for Hullbridge

Many of us will have been receiving letters in the post about the “Allocations Plan Examination”,  this is just the next stage of the consultation we responded to in January those response are now being considered by the Inspector.  There are a number of letters about the same subject but giving different information. To clear this up I am setting out below what is happening.

The first two letters which you may have received (it may have been one) are telling us about the pre-hearing meeting which is to be held on 19 June.  This meeting is purely administrative and will not be about the proposals, as the letter says

“The purpose of the Pre-Hearing Meeting is to provide an opportunity for procedural and administrative matters relating to the Examination to be explained and discussed. It will not involve any debate or consideration of the merits of the Allocations Plan Document or any representations which have been made.”

The agenda for this meeting can be found here, I assume the 11.00pm start is an error but I will check.

The third letter is telling us about the actual examination hearing which is scheduled to start on 3 September, although we are warned that this may change.  This examination will concentrate on the areas the Inspector (Mr David Smith BA(HONS) DMS MRTPI) thinks important and the proposed Agenda can be read here, details and attendees for Hullbridge are detailed  on page 2.  For Hullbridge the hearing will consider.

“Is the allocated housing site SER6 at South West Hullbridge justified, deliverable within the plan period and consistent with national policy”

Of the two meetings it is the second, that in September, which will consider the issues covering the merits of the plans and the representations made and should be the one you can attend if possible.

Hopefully that has cleared it up but please ask if you are not sure.  Everyone who responded to the consultation in January should have received a letter, if you did respond and haven’t had a letter please let us know.