Pot Holes

One of the things I have brought up in this election is the small amount Essex County Council spends on pot holes in this part of the County.

I do walk the roads fairly often and report potholes and other road problems to Essex County Council.    However it is very hit and miss whether a repair will take place and the standards Essex Highways currently have fall far short of what most people would regard as reasonable.

Below are some pictures I have taken today of pot holes in Kendal Close in Hullbridge, I have reported these at least three times over the last year and still they remain.  I have reported them again today, these will be some of many I hope to follow-up with greater authority if I am fortunate enough to be elected on 2nd May.  I have used the shoe to obtain a sense of scale, a tip learned from Cllr Chris Black.

Kendal Close Pot Holes 001
Broken Kerb in Kendal Close, Hullbridge


One of around 10 pot holes in Kendal Close, Hullbridge
One of around 10 pot holes in Kendal Close, Hullbridge

Obviously Kendal Close is not the only road with problems and I will be reporting them all as I come across them, again.


2 thoughts on “Pot Holes

  1. The Kerb has now been assessed by Essex County Council although they are not saying what, if anything, they are going to do. They say:

    “The KERB DEFECT at KENDAL CLOSE, HOCKLEY has been inspected and assessed”

    The large hole with my shoe in has also been assessed and Essex have said:

    “The POTHOLE OR OTHER ROAD DEFECT at KENDAL CLOSE, HOCKLEY has been assessed and the hazard has either been resolved or does not meet our investigatory levels.”

    Essentially, for the large hole, Essex say it is not a pot hole and will not be repaired. It may be considered as part of the road resurfacing programme. I will check how long Kendal Close has been on this programme but I do not believe that this is really acceptable.

  2. Interesting what they say about possibly resurfacing. A friend (who I think knows about these things) told me that Councils do not repair roads but have the work put out to private contact. He also said that in his experience the contracts can stipulate that pot holes are only repaired after they reach a certain depth and that that is the depth at which water will seep under the road surface thus making the job one of re-surfacing the whole patch of road rather than filling pot holes. It might be worth asking ECC (a) do they put the work out to private contract (b) does the contract stipulate a certain depth before pot holes need to be filled (c) do they have a process for ensuring the company keeps to its contract (d) is it the case that the pot holes are left until the whole surface of a patch of road needs to be replaced. If this is the case then our moaning about filling pot holes is a waste of time.

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