Mobiles Homes Act 2013

This is something we have been involved in for some time having submitted evidence to the earlier House of Commons enquiry into the running of mobile home sites and are pleased with this bill, which takes on board some, although only some, of the points we made.  It received Royal Accent on 26 March 2013 and it is now an Act of Parliament.

The Act includes new laws covering areas such as

  • Licensing by Local Authorities
  • Site fees
  • Park Rules
  • Sale of Homes – The site owner will no longer have the right to block sales
  • Requirement for the Site manager to be a fit and proper person
  • Protection against eviction, harassment and false information

Some parts of the Act do not become effective until 1 April 2014 (the parts dealing with the licensing regime) while other parts (sale of homes, park rules and pitch fees) will come into force on 26 May 2013.  Some parts, relating to the Fit and Proper person test for instance, will not come into force until a Statutory Instrument is made to that effect.

This is a step on the way to proper protection for those living on Park Home sites and will be welcomed by many, however we will continue to push for better protection for Park Home owners including removal of the 10% charge on the sale of homes.

If you have problems on your site or issues with site owners please feel free to contact us in confidence and we will try to assist.