Essex Police – Neighbourhood Action Panel

We are pleased to report that the Police have listened to concerns put forward by Cllr Diane Hoy and other residents of Hullbridge about the combined Neighbourhood Action Panel (NAP) between Hullbridge, Rayleigh & Rawreth.

At last nights Panel meeting Diane was advised that the Hullbridge Neighbourhood Action Panel would be starting up again and it would be held in Hullbridge, separate from the Rayleigh one.  Invitations will be going out to various groups in the village to send representatives to attend (meetings are still open to everyone though) and they will start soon.

Diane was very concerned that the problems in Hullbridge were being overlooked at the meetings with issues in Rayleigh taking preference in the problems to be tackled.  At the previous meeting she was told that problems in Hullbridge were minor compared to those in Rayleigh and at last nights meeting virtually all the minutes referred to was Rayleigh.

This attitude meant that the real problems suffered by Hullbridge, albeit on a smaller scale compared to Rayleigh (lets not forget that Rayleigh is a lot larger), were not being addressed fully; we now expect that this will be addressed.