Police Neighbourhood Meeting

The next Police Neigbourhood Meeting for Hullbridge, Rayleigh & Rawreth is being held tonight at the Rayleigh Town Council Offices in the Pavilion  St Georges Playing Fields (accessed via Websters Way car park).  The start time is 7.30pm and it is open to the public.  below is a description of what these meetings aim to achieve.

The Neighbourhood Meeting is a monthly meeting for anyone living or working in Hullbridge, Rayleigh or Rawreth to attend and highlight issues that directly affect the area. The chairperson is Cllr Cheryl Roe.  The meeting is open for any member of the public to attend and share their comments and concerns.  At the conclusion, up to 3 priorities will be decided upon as the most important issues and these will be progressed for updates at the following meeting. Please advise us of any particular requirements you have, or of any other arrangements we should make for you, to ensure that you can fully participate in the meeting.

Hullbridge used to have a Neighbourhood meeting of its own but this stopped as part of the Police reorganisation due to the cutbacks.  There now seems to be an unfortunate tendency for Hullbridge issues to be sidelined as they are regarded as minor compared to the issues in Rayleigh.  Hullbridge Parish Council does send a representative to the meeting and District Councillor Diane Hoy also attends to raise Hullbridge issue,s but they tend to be the only representatives from the village.

If anyone does have issues that they are concerned about it is best they go to the meeting in person, but otherwise please contact either Diane or the Parish Council for your issues to be raised at the meeting on your behalf.

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