“Watery Lane not part of Strategic Road Network” – Say Essex County Council

The Consultation for the Allocation of 500 houses in Hullbridge finished in January.  Rochford Council are slowly adding the representations made to the website and they can be read here, the current number of responses now stand at 151.

Of the comments made a few do stand out, one from a developer which is in favour (no surprise there) but the one below from Essex County Council is the most staggering of all, we have put in bold the comment we are referring to.

e) Policy SER6: South West Hullbridge
Paragraph 3.178 should be amended to note that highway improvements would focus on the strategic network, which includes the junction of Hullbridge Road/ Watery Lane. Watery Lane is not part of the strategic network and the reference to improvements should be deleted.

This comment was written by Roy Lewis who we understand is the Principal Planner at Essex County Council.  To us it is amazing that anyone from the County Council could state that improvements to Watery Lane should be deleted from the Allocations Document.  Everyone who has lived with this road being closed for 3 months would disagree with the assessment that it is not strategic.

This is yet another example of how out of touch Essex County Council are with this part of Essex, they seem to believe that everyone to the south of Chelmsford is unimportant and would appear to have great trouble even locating us on a map, let alone in person.

It took 3 months of relentless campaigning and bad publicity before we got any action out of the County Council on Watery Lane and even then it was only to do the standard maintenance work that they had apparently been neglecting for the previous 9 months.  They are now saying that even with a further 500 houses to be built in “Hullbridge” no work is needed on Watery Lane as it is not part of the Strategic Network.  We will obviously be opposing this view forcibly with the Council.


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  1. Saturday 24th August 2013 again we have had seriously bad rain storms flooding of watery lane more people stuck in lane in their cars.
    Lower road flooded, there was not only water coming up through the man holes covers but also the tarmac in the middle of the road by Lubbards farm . does This now mean the main sewer may have broken. What other damage may have occurred below the road.

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