Watery Lane – still flooded

We have been contacted quite a lot in recent weeks concerning Watery Lane.  The Road Flooded signs have been up for some time and anyone who has ventured down there will know that water has remained on the carriageway throughout that period albeit at varying depths.   Today I have had reliable reports that the water is about a foot deep and that earlier a British Gas van had broken down in it.

Although some vehicles still use Watery Lane a good proportion of the traffic which would normally use the road are now going via the Hullbridge Road and Rawreth Lane causing queues to build up along both of these routes with resultant severe delays to journey times.  As well as today’s British Gas van other cars have also got stuck as water gets taken up through the air intake (which can be quite low down on many cars) damaging the engine.

Delays to Rawreth Lane Hullbridge Road junction are now about 25 minutes and it is taking 35 minutes to get as far a Rayleigh Station, normally a 5-7 minute journey.  Other residents have told us that they are now leaving an hour earlier than usual to get to work the traffic has been so bad.

We have today contacted The Councillor in charge of Highways at Essex County Council asking a number of questions about Watery Lane and we will give an update as soon as we have the answers.  If you have any specific stories regarding delays etc please post them here.


7 thoughts on “Watery Lane – still flooded

  1. Before the snow fell the water had receded but was still there despite no significant rainfall for sometime.
    1) the recent re-surfacing and drain repair work was not carried out properly as water was left laying and did not flow into the nearby drains as the fall of the Tarmac was not there in places. I would like to know who inspected the work and if the contractors payment was signed off by the council
    2) water floods from the fields bringing mud and debris.this flows in the drains and obviously blocks them each time which is why the laying water did not drain fully this time. You can observe full drains clearly as you drive past. Why, as the water starts to go are the drains not fully cleared by contractors?
    3) why does the council feel their obligation is satisfied by putting closed signs only, this is an important thoroughfare used by many allowing less traffic on the Rawreth road.

  2. Yes I agree with Alan, this is bloody infuriating. Three weeks ago, the road was still passable in a normal car (despite ‘Road Closed’ signs at each end). When I attempted to go through the flooded section yesterday morning I had to retreat as there was clearly a current of water flowing across the road; I could see that only jeeps and vehicles with high ground clearance could only get through wisely.
    WHY doesn’t the council pump the water away and clear the ditches??
    Rawreth Lane is chock a block and it takes 35 minutes to get out of Rayleigh.
    What’s more Watery lane needs clearing of debris that has been lifted out of the ditches by the water flow. There’s all sorts of rubble, grit and flotsam.
    I’m FURIOUS!!

  3. This clearly has gone on too long and we now demand answers as its causing so many people such stress and time.
    I have emailed ,tweeted and face booked but NO ONE answers ,it’s typical of the head in the sand attitude of the council .
    I’m sure if any councilors had to use this route it would get sorted a lot quicker.
    So if any one reads these ramblings from the body responsible in the council please please please GET IT SORTED as its becoming intolerable .

    Watery Lane has now been out of action for almost two months – prior to this it was shut for almost one day every week during the summer apparently with contractors working in it. The cost of this to motorists in additional fuel not to mention time, plus the cost of the previous works makes the green footprint of watery lane akin to a coal fired power station! Is this good use of our council tax and road tax????

  5. Simon, the reason the council don’t clear the ditches is because they are the landowners responsibility. Keeping ditches clear takes time and money and some, (but by no means all) landowners/farmers won’t do it. Much of the water is coming from the adjacent land and is flowing into the gullies but these are becoming blocked because of the silt and the fact that ditches are not maintained or even worse have been filled in. Last year Watery Lane was closed once a month to enable the gullies to be cleaned and for the litter to be cleaned up. Until all landowners take responsibility for keeping their ditches clear, the gullies will not work efficiently and the water will not drain away.

  6. I agree with all the above comments, this is an absolute joke; on all parts. The Landowners need to be responsible to keep ditches as clear as possible, the Council need to take thir heads out of their backsides so that when they carry out maintenance that they d it right!!
    I live in Hockley and try to use Watery Lane as opposed to Rawreth Lane to save time. Now that Watery Lane is STILL un-passable to normal cars I have now noticed (as I spend my life sitting in the endless queues) that the traffic lights sequence times have changed on Rawreth Lane. Lights are green for less time for the traffic on Rawreth Lane and will change almost instantly a car tries to navigate out of Asda’s or Downhall Parkway! Are the Council trying to pull our leg with humour?
    Seriously considering to move!

    Richard – Soon to be a former Hockley resident

  7. During the summer month I walked back and fourth through watery lane, to get to my horses at battlesbridge and the drains were all blocked up then, most of the ditches were dug out and cleared out. Where the new road surface it was laid above the drains, and most drains cover by surface aswell. Every time the road was closed one day a week you could never see any signs of work done. I think the 3ton bridge needs strengthening to a 7ton and then may metals gate put at the entrance of watery lane up and then just after the little bungalow so people can’t take down signs and drive through, ok it wouldn’t help out with the traffic, but it would stop stupid people taking chances and bothering the fire service once stuck.

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