Hullbridge Parish Council Meeting

The Parish Council will have its first meeting of the calendar year on Monday (that’s the 14th January).  The meeting is open to members of the public and starts at 7.30pm at the Hullbridge Centre in Windermere Avenue.

Items on the Agenda this month include

  • A new logo for the Parish (this is free to the Parish as it has been done by a resident)
  • The filling of a vacancy on the council, two applications have been received.
  • Planning Applications which are for the redevelopment of Tyndale House and a Conservatory in Queens Anne Grove.
  • The referral of a proposal made by Cllr Michael Hoy concerning the provision of a cycle path along Hullbridge Road, to the Footpaths Committee.
  • Consultation on the Allocations Document (which is mentioned elsewhere on this blog).  This is obviously the most important item on the agenda and residents will be allowed to speak on this at the meeting (there is a slot at the start of the meeting for residents to speak on any Agenda item)

Come along and see what your Parish Councillors do.


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