Bullwood Hall to close

It has been announced by Justice Secretary Chris Grayling that Hockley’s Prison, Bullwood Hall, is to close.

It appears however that the prison is not likely not close immediately as the proposals are dependent on the building of a new Super Prison to house over 2,000 prisoners.  A feasibility study is to be carried out to see if such a large prison would work and make the savings expected; until a new prison is built it’s likely Bullwoood Hall will remain open.

BBC East have a report on the proposed closure here at about 17.35 minutes in.


It seems out forecast of Bullwood Hall not closing to soon was premature   We have learnt today that the prison is expected to close by 31 March 2013, in just over two months time.  This is bad news for the 200+ people who work there and for the local economy with it being one of the larger employers in Hockley.