Housing – Potential Responses to the Consultation

Below are potential responses to the consultation as promised at the meeting on Friday.  This need to be incorporated into the response form which is again made available below as well.

Points to be made in Part B box 6

Points to be made in Part B box 7

RDC Allocations Submission Development Plan Document – for responses to the consultation

For the response document the policy you are responding to is SER6

If anyone has any questions or are not sure how to respond please do contact us.

UPDATE: Pointers for completion of the form:

  • Page 5 point 3:  you only need to enter SER6 under policy, the other 2 boxes can be left empty.
  • Page 5 point 4: tick NO for 4(2) policy is Sound (you are ticking no to say it is unsound).  Leave 4(1) unticked.
  • Page 5 point 5: tick all 4 boxes as all apply.
  • The info sheets relate to boxes 6 & 7.
  • It is up to you whether or not you want to participate in the oral part of the examination, it does give a chance to expand and emphasise the points made.


Below is a link to a pdf map of the proposed site for the 500houses.

SER6 Map