Hullbridge Parish Council meeting

The Hullbridge Parish Council meeting was held last night.

There were some interesting things to come out of the meeting.  Perhaps the most contentious one was further complaints by residents about noise and nuisance from Lords Golf Club.  The Parish Council has been asked to request that the Licensing Committee carry out a review of the golf club license.  In addition Planning will be asked to check the uses, to make sure they do fall within the planning permissions granted.

The Post Office was on the agenda and assurances were given by Cllr Michael Hoy that the Post Office were in discussions with a Hullbridge business to take on the counter service (as outlined on this blog).

One item of future interest is the proposal by Michael for the Parish Council to formally put to the District Council an expression of interest in taking over the Recreation Ground in Pooles Lane.  This has worked well in other areas such as the Car Park which the Parish runs on a 125 year lease.  The proposal will be discussed at the next Parish Council meeting in November.

On another note, which will itself be the subject of a future post, Michael brought up the subject of lamppost number 22 in Ferry Road.  It is a new lamppost that has remained unconnected for around 18 months and is around 2 meters from the old (and working) one.  It is our suspicion (and that of residents) that the County Council does not know this lamppost exists.  We will see.


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  1. Yes keep watching. There are a few hurdles to get over though. Firstly the Parish Council have to agree, secondly the Parish will then need a partner to maintain it (a local group, there is one which springs to mind) and thirdly the District will have to approve it.

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