Park Home Sites – Private Members Bill

It has been announced that a Private Members’ Bill on Park Homes is to be presented by Peter Aldous MP (Waveney) to the House of Commons on Wednesday 20 June.

This is very good news for occupiers of site homes as hopefully it will include powers of regulation on sites to be enforced by local authorities and a fit and proper person test for site owners.  As regular readers of this site will know, we have been campaigning for action on this for some time and have submitted evidence to the parliamentary inquiry and the local government consultation.

However this is only the start of it and Mr Aldous MP will need to win a members ballot to allow Parliamentary time for this Bill.  To help him gain this support it would be helpful if as many residents as possible contact the MP for this area, Mr Mark Francois at

Mr Mark Francois MP
House of Commons

or by email at

Asking him to support this Bill.


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