Rochford District Council – Annual Council

Tonight is the meeting of Rochford District Council where the Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Council are elected, The members of the various committees agreed and representatives to outside bodies appointed.  The Agenda and associated documents can be read here.

Normally this is fairly non contentious as the Chairman and Vice Chairman are non political and are there to represent the Council (although the Chairman would have the casting vote in any tied decision).

However this year there will be a vote as Michael Hoy has been put forward to the Review Committee,  by the Green Party, whilst John Mason has been put forward to the same committee, by Rochford Independents.  The problem being there is only one seat available.  This means the Council will have to vote on who they want on the committee, so the Conservatives will have a say on who will be on a committee there to scrutinise a Conservative run administration.  It will be interesting to see what the Conservatives do.

To the credit of the Conservatives they have again allowed non Conservatives onto the Board of the Rochford Housing Association where Michael Hoy (for his second year) and Chris Lumley (Lib Dem) have been nominated along with two conservatives for the four vacancies.

The meeting, as are all Council meetings, is open to the public.  It is held at the Civic Suite in Rayleigh (next to the Market Car Park) and starts at 7.30pm.