Rochford District Council Elections – Hullbridge Results

Just back from the count and the result for Hullbridge is

Diane Hoy (Green) – 1,116
Mark Hale (Con) – 402
D Townsley (Lab) – 218

On a 31.7% turnout (low but much better than elsewhere in the district where one seat had 22%)

Diane would like to thank everyone who has voted for her and showed such trust.

Update 4.5.2012

Full results for the South of Essex can be found on the Echo website.

And now from the Rochford District Council website.


5 thoughts on “Rochford District Council Elections – Hullbridge Results

  1. Well done Diane. You deserve your excellent victory for all the hard work you have put in on our behalf.

  2. Moving to Hullbridge Mr. Jordan? Is that why Councillors Mr and Mrs Hoy did their best to ensure you might have had 4600 more houses there to choose from, had they succeeded in blocking the adoption and subsequent District-wide protection of the RDC Core Strategy?

    1. Dear Mr Seagers, it seems you are like most Conservatives, totally out of touch with the electorate. Have you asked your collegues in Castle Point why they voted against the CS ? Perhaps you might like to come to Hullbridge and explain to the villagers why the Council’s CS should be welcomed and why the council do not agree with Castle Point ?
      Mr Hale stood for election quoting the same as you and the results show clearly what the village though.
      You obviously have loads of time to visit any blog that mentions Hullbridge and the CS to leave sarcastic comments. As you have such a keen interest in the village why don’t you stand for election in Hullbridge ?

  3. Dear Mr Congram
    As you must realise, I could not represent a second Ward simultaneously as I am already District Councillor Foulness & Great Wakering Ward.
    District Councillor Keith Hudson, Portfolio Holder for Planning & Transportation, has many times explained the necessity and benefits of the Core Strategy in protecting the whole of the District from rogue development.
    I can find nothing in the RDC Constitution requiring it to agree with Members of Castle Point DC, which I understand may already have received several problematic large planning applications following the decision to abandon adoption of their Core Strategy, I believe against the advice of its leadership.

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