Eve of Poll – Vote for Diane Hoy

Our Eve of poll leaflets are just going out. to remind people to vote tomorrow and to say why voting for Diane is the right thing to do.

I am very active – I listen to you and take action.  It was my Husband Michael who made Hullbridge aware of the proposal to put 500 houses on Hullbridge Green Belt and I have been campaigning with him against this for 3 years now.  Also I have been working on many other issues such as the proposed closure of the public toilets which we successfully opposed and the campaign to get Park Home site owners properly licensed.

I will work for you all year-round.  You will have no doubt seen the Green Party newsletters outlining our actions in the local area or spoken to me or Michael as we have visited residents in the area.  I believe it’s crucial that Councillors and prospective Councillors work all year-round, not just ask for your vote at election time.

I am a local resident and have fresh ideas and energy.  Having lived here for well over 30 years and having seen many changes to Hullbridge in that time I am able to take my work to the local Council where I am free to vote in ways that will benefit our area, not just vote with a party line.

Remember, you won this seat for us last year by voting for Diane, only Diane, for the Green Party, can beat the Conservatives in Hullbridge.  In the last three elections Labour have finished either last or second from last


2 thoughts on “Eve of Poll – Vote for Diane Hoy

  1. is there anything you can do to make the owners of the dome park homes site reapir the roads and paths on the site as they are dangerous for the elderl;y to walk on the street lighting is bad and the whole apperancne of the site is disgusting it needs cleaning and money spent

  2. Yes this is one that has been raised with us. We are writing to the owners to find out what is covered by the recent increase in site fees and then we can follow up on the maintenance side.

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