The Dome & Hockley Park

To the east of the main village centre of Hullbridge are two park home sites.  The Dome and Hockley Park.

Many of the residents feel cut off living here, with a poor bus service to Rayleigh and Southend and no footpath along the side of the road to let residents walk to the village centre in safety.  There used to be a footpath to Hullbridge along the sea wall but this was breached a few years ago and it has not been possible, so far, to get it reinstated.  To walk to Hullbridge, two and a half miles to the shops in Ferry Road, means residents taking their lives in their hands dodging traffic as much of the way is along country lanes with speeding cars and lorries.

We will be looking to creating a new combined path and cycle-way to link The Dome and Hockley Park with the main centre of Hullbridge and will also revisit the sea wall path to investigate how we can get that reinstated.

In addition we will be making it a priority to improve the bus service to the two Park Home sites and will be campaigning to get one of the number 20 buses, which run each hour from Hullbridge to Southend via Rayleigh, to go to Southend via the Ashingdon Road allowing an hourly bus service for residents at The Dome & Hockley Park.


2 thoughts on “The Dome & Hockley Park

  1. when is this going to be done as it is a nightmare on your bike on the lower ride and to walk as well the traffic speeds along and to even pull out of the dome in your own car the traffic zips around the bend and to even pull into the dome you have to indicate well in advance because traffic is just going to fast i have just read this and its july now from a homeowner on the dome

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