A Message from Diane

I would like to say thank you for voting me in last year and ask you to do so again.  I have enjoyed my 10 months on the council fighting the corner for Hullbridge and holding the Council to account.

It was noticeable that we were asking the right questions when the Conservatives accused us of asking too many.  We were particularly vocal over the Core Strategy and planning as well as the waste of money on items such as the in house newspaper Rochford Matters.

One of our more important victories was over the proposed closure of the public toilets, including those in Hullbridge.  We were given just a few days notice of this decision and managed to get a campaign up and running in two days and, with the help of residents, were able to prevent them closing.

In my short time on the council I have realised how neglected Hullbridge has become over the years  at the hands of absent Councillors.  As your voice on the council I am able to put forward what you want not what a political party does, In the Green Party we vote how we want to, not how we are told to.

Please remember to vote for me on 3rd May.

Diane Hoy