Election Thursday 3rd May – The Hullbridge Candidates

Obviously we know the Green candidate Diane Hoy rather well So we shall start with her.

Diane Hoy (Green)
Diane has lived in Hullbridge for over 30 years.  She is married to fellow Green Councillor Michael Hoy and they have two children both of whom go to Riverside Primary School.
She works in the local Budgens store and has also helped out at the school as a volunteer and where she is also one of the Governors.
As people who know her will say, she will always stand up for what she believes in and will not hesitate in making people aware that she disagrees with them or if they have not kept to their word.  She has been campaigning over the last few years on the issue of the mis-measured walking school route as well as keeping pressure up on the issue of housing and also the wastage of council money on its in house paper.  Diane will also be a Parish Councillor from 3rd May.

Mark Hale (Con)
Mark is a Property Developer (his websites listed Land Purchase & Contracted House Builder amongst the services offered) as well as renting out properties. He has returned to the UK from the United Arab Emirates a few years ago, although he did not reveal what he was doing in the Tax Haven.
Mark is married to Angela Hale and they both live in Hullbridge.

Debbie Townsley (Labour)
We have found out very little on Debbie apart from the fact she is the Labour candidate.  We have even asked Labour Party members about her and they do not know her.

At the last election the results were

Diane Hoy – Green                   757
Mark Hale – Con                       555
Angelina Marriot – Labour   182
UKIP –                                             76 (not standing this year)

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